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_bMade for Success/Blackstone Audio
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100 1 _aBrown, Les,
245 1 4 _aThe best of Les Brown audio collection :
_binspiration from the world's leading motivational speaker /
_cfeaturing Les Brown.
250 _aUnabridged.
264 1 _a[Issaquah, WA]
_bMade for Success/Blackstone Audio,
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520 _aStudy the science of achievement through the wisdom of the world's leading motivational speaker, Les Brown. In this collection of live keynote speeches, Les Brown's straight-from-the-heart approach will change your belief in what you can achieve. This popular collection of audio recordings includes Les Brown's most powerful speeches. You'll have unlimited access to his timeless insights and discover how to live the life of your dreams. You have greatness within you; it merely takes persistence to let it unfold.Feeding your mind with Les Brown's unique brand of positive motivation will empower you to shed your excuses and unwrap your greatness. Through this extraordinary collection, you will learn the importance of attitude, setting goals, and creating a powerful personal vision to guide you on your journey. With the tools you'll gain in this program, your life of greatness is just one step away.
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650 0 _aSuccess.
650 0 _aSelf-actualization (Psychology)
650 0 _aMotivation (Psychology)
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